3 Power Strategies That Made Me $956,023.25 In The Stock Market In Less Than 30 Days

By Mark Shawzin

“No. I won’t do it,” I said.

You’ve got to,” he replied. “People are talking crap about you.”

And people were.

Literally one lie after the other was spewing about me online.

I was fed up. It seemed like I had a target on my back and a bunch of people were shooting arrows at me.

But what could I do?

How could I prove to the haters that I walked the way as well as talked the talk? How could I silence them? Shut them up once and for all?

I’d given away free trainings before, I’d shared my experience and credentials … but still, these haters were calling for my head, saying I was apparently a “fraud.”

The worst part is, I understood what was making them say this.

The truth is, the trading industry is full of hyped-up idiots, taking selfies with sports cars and talking crap about their results.

The industry has shot itself in the foot.

So much so that smart people like yourself are highly skeptical.

“But what can I do?” I asked Peter (my business parter).

“How can I prove my credibility, which would prove to our potential members that we’re the real deal?”

He replied, “Why don’t you reveal some of your own big trades with PROOF?”

I rejected this instantly.

I don’t see how it’s relevant or important to share my personal trades.

I’m an incredibly private person, and in my several years teaching others how to trade, I’d never done this.

But as Peter and I batted ideas about, we found ourselves constantly reverting to this option.

So much so that we had no choice.

That’s why, in this article, I want to show you proof of how I made hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of hours.

Not days, not weeks, not months … hours!

Now, I like my privacy – you won’t find me on social media or sharing anything higly personal – but I love teaching and helping others.

But I realize that if I’m going to teach countless students how to make huge, big piles of dough, then I’ve got to back up what I’m saying.

Although I’ve got thousands of emails from traders thanking me for making them life changing cash, and Facebook comments and proof from others that are saying I’m the best … I’ve never opened up my OWN book. Or revealed my OWN trades.

But what if I did?

What if I showed you how you can buy a house in cash with a single trade?

So what if a $20,000 vacation is chump change, because I just did $318k on a Tesla trade?

So what if I have ZERO money problems and can play tennis every day, mess around with my son, and eat $250.00 steaks like they are Skittles?

What difference does that make to someone else?

The hard truth is, it doesn’t.

Now, I have a question for you.

Yes, you. Reading the very words on this page.

Wouldn’t you be more interested in learning something if you saw how I personally made almost $1 million in 30 days?

Don’t you think you’d sit up and pay attention?

Yeah … I thought so.

So, here we are.

I’m going to share three trades that made me $956,023.25, including the three Power Strategies that almost netted me a rock (a big fat million).

Best of all, this is my way to give some back to the critics and bad mouthers.

But Before We Dig Into The Individual Trades That Netted Me $965,023.25 – Let Me Share My Unique Strategy With You.

You see, I trade differently to how others do.

You won’t find me watching the news 24/7, reading trade journals or making leaps of faith based on gut feeling.

In fact, I don’t watch any news, nor do I look at indicators, nor do I listen to analysts.

Instead, I use simple “Power Strategies” that do two things:

  1. Firstly, they inform me that a stock is about to move BIG.
  2. Secondly, they help me look at the historical precedent to tell me in which direction something is going to move.

You see … it is easy to tell when a stock is going to move, but it is the second part … the “which direction” bit that has everyone confused.

But let me break this down for you. I’ll keep this brief.

  1. I look for some kind of event or crisis that’ll move a stock.
  2. I use price action to determine the direction.
  3. I use price action to determine where I am going to exit my position.

That’s it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s a little trickier than that, which is why I am running this live training on how you can use these strategies.

With that said, let me walk you through the three big trades that I personally made in less than 30 days that made me $956,023.25.

POWER STRATEGY #1: Ignoring The Media’s Facebook BS And Following The Charts (External Crisis + Broadening Formation)

This is when you know some kind of external crisis is about to hit, or has just hit, a specific company. That’s right. You don’t need a crystal ball. Nor do you need insider information.

Facebook is a good example. Mark Zuckerberg got hauled in front of Congress to question his involvement in Russian meddling of the 2016 US elections.

That’s the external crisis.

I saw a broadening, or “widening,” formation.

Here is the Strategy Card:


Remember when I said, “Historical Precedent?”

It is also known as a pattern. Something that has happened in the past is more likely to happen again in the future.

With that in mind, look at the chart below:

NASDAQ Stock Index (Weekly chart) – September, 2015

Facebook Inc. (FB) (Daily Chart)

Trade: Bought common stock @ 156.00, Sold 166.00; Profit: +/-$80,000

Bought Call options. Strike prices: 180.00, 182.50, 185.00; Profit: +/-$385,000

Analysis: Facebook had fallen considerably from its highs around $195.00 to a price of $150.00. The company was mired in one scandal after another. The CEO was compelled to appear before Congress to testify about FB’s role in the Russian meddling of the 2016 US elections (the external crisis).

There were significant concerns regarding breaches of customer privacy. The stock appeared poised to fall over a cliff (with the media heavily reporting that Facebook was about to crash).

However, upon analyzing the chart pattern at that time, I noticed a remarkable similarity to the chart and price action of the NASDAQ stock index (three years earlier).

I remember this chart well.

In my NASDAQ analysis to The Pattern Trader members, I accurately predicted the huge decline in prices from the apex of a Reverse Triangle.

I also concluded the Reverse Triangle was not a dependable price pattern. So when the NASDAQ fell to its (Double-Bottom) low, I also predicted the NASDAQ would go on to make new highs.

This is exactly what happened.

As you can see, the chart of FB in April 2018 almost mirrored to the “T” the Reverse Triangle price decline, then subsequently rose to new high prices.

So, when FB made the Double-Bottom (bull) price pattern at the $150.00 price level, I initially bought (a boatload) of the stock. I got out around the $166.00 level and made about $80,000.

When FB circled back, and made a Key reversal at the $160.00 level, I concluded that (as with the NASDAQ) it would be followed by a monster move to new highs. (This is exactly what happened.) So, I took a big bet, and rolled my money into the (heavily out-of-the-money) Call options.

I bought the 180.00, 182.50, 185.00 strike prices. Remember, FB stock was trading about $160.00 at the time of these purchases. I needed the stock to have a huge move for these options to pay off.

I bought the FB 185.00 call options for about 0.30. I sold some of them for $4.50, or about a 15x ROI in about three weeks.

However, based on my analysis of the NASDAQ chart (three years earlier), I knew I had a good shot.

Two weeks later, Facebook stock rose over $25, and based on my analysis of FB (NASDAQ) chart patterns, I made over $400,000 all-told (see screenshots below).

Screenshots – FB Call option price and profits

$510,765  in total profit

If you want to see how we did this and how you identify patterns to have similar results, then register for my upcoming live training where I’ll be showing you how you can grow your trading account from $5,000 to $1m.

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POWER STRATEGY#2: Tesla Are In Trouble … Or Are They? (Double Top “Squared” Key Reversal Strategy)

Tesla was going through all kinds of cash and liquidity problems. Their factories weren’t performing and they couldn’t push out the cars they promised. All of that doesn’t matter though – all of it was written on this chart.

Double top squared refers to the fact that we have two double tops. Couple that with a Key reversal and you’d get something explosive.

Here is the Strategy Card:

DEEPER EXPLANATION: Tesla Inc. (TSLA) – Personal Trade Set-up & AnalysisTesla Inc.
(TSLA) – Daily Chart

Stock: TSLA (Tesla Inc.)

Trade: Bought PUT options. Strike prices: 290.00 and 285.00; Profit: +$300,000

Analysis: I observed TSLA had formed a major Double-Top (bear) price pattern, and concluded there would be an on-going price pressure on the stock for some time.

So when prices came back and formed a (secondary) Double-Top, I was poised to take action. I bided my time and waited for a high probability entry.

That time came on May 10, 2018, when prices shot to a high of $313.00, and then turned around and closed on the low of the day, around $304.00, forming a Key reversal bar.

On the very next day, the stock opened higher.

Based on the previous day’s Key reversal, I concluded this was a “BS” rally, and (aggressively) loaded up on TSLA PUT options. (PUT options profit when a stock falls in price.)

Based on the very bearish price patterns and Key reversal price action at the time, I bought TSLA PUT options with strike prices at $290.00 and $285.00.

The stock was trading at about $307.00 when I bought these heavily out-of-the money PUT options ($15 to $20 out-of-the money when I bought them).

Additionally, I only had about 10 days for these PUTS to fall through their respective strike prices to pay off.

One week later, TSLA stock fell from $307.00 to $270.00, and based on my analysis of TSLA chart patterns, I made over $300,000 all-told.

On May 10, the 285.00 PUT options were trading at $1.56. On May 15, these 285.00 options were trading at $5.70, or about a 400% return in four days.

(As you can see from my personal account snapshot, I wasn’t doing too badly on some other positions. See screenshots below.)

Screenshots – TSLA PUT option price and profits

Total made: $318,231.45

What we did with Tesla wasn’t special, it didn’t particulary take any skill. I simply identified a pattern that I’ve seen hundreds of times before, and took action on it.

This isn’t difficult, it just takes a level of understanding of how this works.

Anybody can do it.

As long as you have the patience to learn, the mental strength and the commitment, these skills can be taught to anybody.

My upcoming live training is the perfect starting place, where I’ll be sharing how you can grow a $5,000 trading account to $1,000,000.

You can register here if you’d like to be there (perfect place to learn more).

POWER STRATEGY #3: How a Earnings Report Can Cause Carnage (Head & Shoulders Earnings Report)

MercadoLibre Inc. hosts the largest online commerce and payments ecosystem in Latin America. But they were in trouble when an earnings report was released.

It proves that external influence that can move a stock is more predictable than you think. Something so simple can set it off.

In this example, I made over $100k in a very VERY short period of time.

Here is the Strategy Card:

DEEPER EXPLANATION: Stock: MELI (Mercadolibre Inc.)

Mercadolibre Inc. (MELI) – Daily Chart

Stock: MELI (Mercadolibre Inc.)

Trade: Sold stock SHORT @ 328.00; Bought PUT options. Strike prices: 290.00; Profit: +$180,000

Analysis: For three months, MELI formed a classic Head-and-Shoulders (bear) price pattern. Towards the end of the quarter, the company was going to announce its quarterly earnings after the market close.

Betting on the outcome of (any) company’s earnings results are fraught with extreme risk.

However, based on my observation of the “mature” Head-and-Shoulders (bear) price pattern, and the Key reversal bar in the trading day preceding the earnings announcement, I felt confident in the outcome. The stock had to head lower.

Ten minutes before the market closed, I sold the stock (short) @ $328.00, and bought the $290.00 strike price PUT options.

The stock closed at $324.00 at 4:00pm (EST).

Right after the close, MELI announced its earnings and the stock tanked $30, and I was able to cover my stock, ($28 lower than my entry price) in the after-market at $300.00, for a profit of over $60,000 in the stock …  holding my position for less than 45 minutes.

I covered my PUT options a few days later for a profit of over $120,000.

All-told, in the month of May 2018, in (one of) my personal accounts, I made $600,000 in just five days – and over $1,000,000 in a single month — (See account screenshots below.)

Covered MELI Short sale:

The total profit in the end was just over $127,026.

Want To Do This For Yourself?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. This isn’t easy, you need to put the work in.

But if you work at it, understand the strategy and have the strength to commit to this, then the successes I’ve shared in this article are possible.

But you may be wondering where you go from here? How can you learn more? How can you understand these Power Strategies in more detail?

The good news is that I’m hosting a free online training called:

“How To Use The Coming Global Crisis To Grow Your Investments From $5,000 To $1 Million”

It’s completely free, and I’ll be sharing how you can take your trading account from just $5,000 to a huge $1 Million through trading intelligently and following the strategies that generated the results in this article.

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