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Which Positions to Build During the Dog Days of August

Past experience has made me extremely wary of trading trend continuation moves in August. That’s because due to the holidays, liquidity dries up and we tend to get very range-bound trading activity. Prices chop and flop around and basically do nothing but slide sideways until the autumn. August is definitely…
Bull Run

The U.S. Dollar Bull Run Is Gathering Steam: What’s Next?

Last week, on the heels of better than expected U.S. economic growth figures, the US Dollar Index (USDI) finally pierced above a multi-year resistance level. That’s important because we’ve been flirting with this upper resistance level for some time. The market has churned sideways for literally months. And each time USDI…
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Changing of the Guards? What To Trade Now

Four key events happened last week which may signal major changes in the trends of various asset classes. Last week we saw the dollar hit a snag at a long-term resistance level … the yen rise … gold soar to six-year highs … and the U.S. stock market reverse markedly…
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Gold’s on the Way Up as the Dollar Hits Major Resistance

Is it significant or not? Once again, the US Dollar Index (USDI) failed to penetrate above a multi-year resistance level last week. Considering the 42-year length of the USDI (U.S. Dollar Index) chart shown above, it could prove to be a major inflection point. Especially when you take into account…
Steam Train

Is the Dollar Picking Up Steam? Plus What’s Happening in Precious Metals

Based on a better than expected US jobs report on Friday, the dollar and stock market rocketed higher. That’s interesting, because “the market” has anticipated the FOMC will lower US rates in their upcoming meeting in late July – perhaps by 50 basis points. However, based on the gathering strength in…
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Gold and Silver Going Up? The Dollar Could Be Turning

Central banks around the world are competing in a “race to the bottom” to lower interest rates in anticipation of slowing global growth. That’s why European (ECB) and Australian monetary authorities indicated their openness to additional Quantitative Easing and lowering interest rates in their respective countries last week. No one wants to…
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Monthly Chart Extravaganza: Balancing FOMO with Seasonal Inertia

I hope you had a happy Fathers Day this past weekend and you and your family enjoyed Dad’s special day. Now for what the markets are suggesting right now … From my price analyses, there appears to be all kinds of great trades available that should work out over the…

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