1. An Off-the-Grid Trade Special Plus AUD and JPY Bets BLOG

Why I Love this Holy Grail Trade I’ve Just Recommended (Plus a Few More)

This week I’m going to begin with what I call an ‘off the grid’ play. It’s “off the grid” that because it’s counter to everything that’s been going on in this particular currency pair: EURCHF (the Euro versus the Swiss franc). While I haven’t followed EURCHF for quite some time,…
1. A Week of Opportunity in the Euro, Yen, Gold and the Stock Market Too BLOG

A Week of Opportunity in the Euro, Yen, Gold and the Stock Market Too

Today I’m going to touch on three general themes I see a dominating the market in the immediate future. The first theme: I’m seeing support coming back into the US dollar despite the multi-week selloff. Second theme: the British pound crashed last week, which some observers are attributing to continuing…
1. A Week of Huge Key Reversals BLOG

A Week of Huge Key Reversals (And Their Implications)

Over the last several months (since the depth of the pandemic), we’ve seen some huge rallies in gold. We’ve seen some huge rallies in the stock market. And we’ve seen a tremendous selloff in the US dollar too. But based on what we saw last week, I think we’re about…
1. Paradigm Shift Blog

Are We Seeing a Significant Paradigm Shift on the Japanese Yen?

I want to kick off this week’s Report with what I see as a huge emerging opportunity in EURNZD (the Euro versus New Zealand dollar) trading pair. I’m going to start by looking at a weekly chart: This is a zoomed-out chart which is why the bars are smaller and…
New Project

I Made $135,000 Because I Was Wrong (rant)

What I am about to share is not frustrating because of the comment I received on Facebook. Nor was it frustrating that the person who made the comment thinks I was wrong. What’s frustrating is that if only people listened, they would have made a ton of money. Let me…

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