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The 3 Pairs I Like Best (Plus The Best Price To Short Gold)

Before I take a deep dive into this week's market analysis, I want to give many thanks to all those who turned out for the "Pattern Trader Elite Retreat" in Fort Lauderdale. A great many of you showed up in Fort Lauderdale last Monday and Tuesday. Some of you came from so far away and I was really blown away:…

Special Situations Outside The U.S. Dollar

Last week we had a spate of economic reports and events, so let's examine what was released and our expectations going forward for the major currencies. Earlier last week we had an interest rate announcement from the Bank of England. They announced they were going to raise rates but it was a dovish statement in that they gave the impression…

Big Volatility This Week? Here’s Which Pairs Are Best

Let's start off with a look at the US Dollar Index as we usually do here at the Pattern Trader. A couple of weeks ago the Index had a key reversal at the support level I've shown you here. At the time, I anticipated this would prompt an uptrend in the U.S. dollar and that's exactly what we've seen. Meanwhile…

Exotics Pairs Will Rule During the Dollar Doldrums

Let's start by looking at the U.S. Dollar Index to get a decent overview of what's happening there. However, I think the main action is in other pairs and that's where I'm going to concentrate most of my remarks today. Here's why: the U.S. dollar index looks like it's in a downward trend for the long term but may very…
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