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3 Currency Trades to Watch as Summer Doldrums Settle In

Yes, it's happening. Currency market movements are getting slower as we head deeper into summer. I've been warning you about this over the last several weeks as it's pretty much an annual occurrence. During the summer period (July through September) I remain skeptical that FX trends will follow through as robustly as in other periods. However, it's still possible to…

How You Could Have Made 9.5x Your Money On This Stock

As you're aware, this week's major American holiday on July 4 will have a profound affect on the markets. Trading volume will be reduced so trade accordingly. And Happy Independence Day festivities too! With that in mind, let's see what's happening in the forex markets right now. I also want to update you on a recent U.S. stock market trade…

My $2.48 Million Stock Market Bet As The FX Market Hibernates

Yes, I'm betting heavily on the long side of my current favorite stock in the U.S. stock market. I'll give you all the details in just a moment. But first, I need to outline why I'm at least temporarily shifting my focus from forex trades to stock trades: summer doldrums. The forex market quite often goes into a kind of…

What To Do When The Forex Market Goes To Sleep

As in past years, the FX (forex) markets are likely entering a "consolidation" phase over the summer season. While I still have a couple of interesting FX charts for you this week, I've increasingly (and very successfully) been applying my price action and price pattern trading methodologies and strategies to other asset classes including the US stock indices, common stocks,…
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