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GBPNZD Rides Again: My Biggest 2017 Trade Is Ready For More

If you’re having a hard time making consistent profits in the forex market, there’s probably a very good reason for that. That’s because most forex traders have been sold a pack of lies that cause them to lose money. Here are the three biggest ones: You need lots of indicators…
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Why Gold Is Set to Rapidly Skyrocket At Least $175

As 2018 gets rolling, some very interesting trends and already taking place in the forex market. Especially in XAUUSD (spot gold), a personal favorite of mine as XAUUSD is by far my most reliable and successful trading instrument. That’s because in the 27 months since September 2015, I’ve delivered a…
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Yen Swoon Coming: My Best Two Picks To Bag $10,000 Each

This is my first 2018 article, so I hope you had a great holiday season and you’re ready to resume making forex profits this year. Remember, we really rung the bell in 2017 and took home well over 9,000 pips in profit. For every one lot contract that meant $90,000…
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Huge 4-Digit Drop Imminent in Gold: We’re Up 320 Pips Already!

Right now we have two short positions in spot gold with a collective profit of over 320 pips. That’s a great start. But I expect these profits are just a drop in the bucket compared to what’s coming. That’s because spot gold (XAUUSD) has substantially broken below daily, weekly and…
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3,357 Pips In Just One Week (And How To Get More)

When I started the Pattern Trader service in September 2015, my primary motivation was that I noticed so many bad things that were being taught about making money — real money — in currency trading. There were (and are) so many misrepresentations leading traders down the wrong path, primarily the…
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The 3 Pairs I Like Best (Plus The Best Price To Short Gold)

Before I take a deep dive into this week’s market analysis, I want to give many thanks to all those who turned out for the “Pattern Trader Elite Retreat” in Fort Lauderdale. A great many of you showed up in Fort Lauderdale last Monday and Tuesday. Some of you came…
Donald Trump & Dr. Phil

Special Situations Outside The U.S. Dollar

Last week we had a spate of economic reports and events, so let’s examine what was released and our expectations going forward for the major currencies. Earlier last week we had an interest rate announcement from the Bank of England. They announced they were going to raise rates but it…

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