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Which Currency Is Going To Plummet Against The Yen By 1,500 pips?

Today I’d like to tell you about a currency pair that’s flying well under the radar even though I believe it has the potential to move at least 500 pips very, very soon. And if it really gets moving … 1,500 pips or better. That’s the kind of move that…
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How To Profit From The Coming Dollar Collapse

After working on Wall Street for 23 years, and managing private client accounts for the past 13 years, I’ve seen a number of miracles happen over time.And another miracle is about to unfold.At one point, in the near future, the dollar is going to collapse. I guarantee it and I’ll…
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Is USDJPY About To Plunge By 1,000 Pips?

I’d like to alert you to a very exciting trade setup I’m seeing. One that could deliver 1,000 pips — or more — over the next several weeks in my very humble trader’s opinion. These type of opportunities don’t come along very often. They can take a long time to…

When Is The U.S. Dollar Going To Crash?

In a moment, I’ll explain exactly why I feel the US Dollar is destined to fall. Plus exactly which currency pairs will exploit this imminent weakness the best and when to get in. But I have to warn you first: By simple probability, most people who are reading this are…

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