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Where NZD, Facebook, Alibaba, and Gold are Going Next

It’s impossible not to notice the current declining volatility and tight trading range FX market environment. While you might think this makes this report, there are still some promising trades on offer. I’m currently profitable on several of them and will tell you what I like right now. But first,…
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Why I’m Short Gold And Waiting For Dollar Strength

I’ll explain the full reasons why I’m short gold in just a moment. But it’s more than dollar strength, because right now the US Dollar Index (USDI) is still trading sideways. While I expect the dollar to get stronger later this year, it’s not doing so just yet. (If you’re…
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Who’s Winning the Dollar Tug of War?

The market continues to churn in a tight trading range overall. Some currencies such as the Japanese yen (JPY) are strengthening against the U.S. dollar (USD) while others such as the Australian dollar (AUD) are weakening. The dollar index itself is going nowhere fast as we see here: The U.S.…
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Is the NASDAQ Back? Plus How to Deal With Gold and Dollar Doldrums

With the exception of last week's volatility in GBPUSD, trading in USD correlated pairs continues to be a no-win game of chance. That includes precious metals. However, there’s a potentially very interesting development in the NASDAQ to talk about, plus some selected FX trades worth trading if we’re patient (I’ll…
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GBP Turnabout Plus Other FX and Precious Metals Thoughts

It’s been a very interesting week for the British pound, especially when you consider how things looked last week. So I’ll cover everything GBP-related in just a moment. But first a big-picture view of the USDI (U.S. Dollar Index) to see where the dollar is right now. Despite a disappointing…
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Tesla Bulls, Look Away: Two Trades I Like Even In This Low Volatility Environment

There are three key developments which should set the stage for the markets in the coming week: the March 1 deadline and pending resolution of the US-China tariff/trade war is loomingUK lawmakers are about to make another decisive Brexit vote, and The semi-annual Congressional testimony from Fed Chair Jerome Powell is approaching…
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Playing the Waiting Game: Where I Expect The Gains To Come

Sometimes the markets are poised to give great trades, but not just yet. That’s the story this week with the pairs and stock indices that I’m watching. I do have some trades ready to trigger if things move more quickly than expected, so read on to see where the most…
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Trade the Weakness in These Southern Hemisphere Currencies Now

There are two (or more) compelling FX short opportunities available right now. I discuss those trades and the reasoning behind them later in this article. But first, I’ll cover events in the USDI (U.S. Dollar Index) so we know where the foundation of the FX market stands right now. We’ll…

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