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A Week of Key Reversals and Continuations: What FX Trades To Take Now

Things are getting awfully interesting in certain pairs including spot gold, one of my favorite trading instruments over the last year. Spot gold's been hibernating for the last four months, but just like the U.S. dollar woke up with a vengeance just last month, I'm expecting gold to do the same rather shortly. I'll tell you all about that in…

Is The U.S. Dollar About To Turn And Crash? Also Discover What I’m Betting My Money On

What a ride we've enjoyed with the U.S. dollar rally recently. But for now, I think it's time to step off the dollar train. That's because last week's key reversal price action in the US Dollar Index (USDI) likely represents a pause -- or perhaps even an end -- of the dollar's surge these last few weeks. Here's the USDI…

Over 1,230 Pips Already: More To Come With This Super-Charged USD Rally

Just three weeks ago I identified a rather rare H-bottom price pattern on the US Dollar Index (USDI) weekly chart during a period of prolonged stagnation that lasted over 13 weeks. There were also a couple of bullish key reversals evident too. Both the H-bottom (so called because it looks like a capital H) and key reversals caused me to…

The US Dollar Follows Through: 3 Ways To Play the Breakout

What a difference a week makes! In my report last week, I identified an obscure "H" - price pattern (so-called because it mimics a capital H) plus some key reversals on the U.S. Dollar Index (USDI) weekly chart. It was the sort of pattern that's only obvious in hindsight, and I drew a strong parallel between the current state of…
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