Shinzo Abe

Is The Euro About To Crash Against The Yen?

In this video I reveal a trade set-up that I think will translate into a massive potential trading opportunity. You will have to watch the video to find out exactly which currency pair(s) I am expecting to have an enormous move. If you want to receive my 21 Power Strategies, completely FREE,…

Is The Euro About To Collapse? (again)

Even against the backdrop of the Greek debt crisis and European Central Bank intervention, for the past few months I have been calling for the Euro to go higher. Last week, the Euro blasted higher from 1.1000 to 1.1700, and we netted a sweet profit. Following last weeks market crisis…the…

Is AUDNZD About To Collapse & What Is Going To Happen To The NASDAQ?

I’ve been monitoring AUDNZD for a while now. It finally fell like a stone, netting a sweet profit. The question on everybody’s mind is… What is going to happen to the NASDAQ? Watch the video to find out. I choose all of these trades using just 21 Power Strategies. If you…

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