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Sell the Dollar, Buy Gold (and Buy These 2 Tech Stocks Too)

This year is getting more and more interesting for big trades based on price patterns. So let’s get started on what looks best for near-term wins right now: Over the past several months, the US Dollar Index (USDI) has been trapped within a sideways trading range. USDI (and therefore USD) trading…
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Inflection Points Galore (And What’s Worth Trading Now)

Most of the markets I watch are balanced on a knife edge right now. The explosive moves are on the way, but we need to apply a bit more patience before the big money-making opportunities are lined up. However, I’ve found at least one good trade to take now if…
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The Dollar Descent Begins: Is The Party Over Already?

What a difference a couple of months make… Last week, Fed Chair Powell indicated a "one and done" interest rate hike scenario for 2019. That sounds a lot different from last October when he was talking about three or four additional rate hikes. That recent about face and increasingly dovish tone…
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What’s Ahead for 2019? Final Thoughts on the Dollar and Stocks

What a year it’s been! Before I delve into this week’s analysis, I should let you know that this article will be my last until early next year. It’s been very gratifying to interact with you and help you make the most of the trading opportunities available this year. I…
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Double Jeopardy: Beware the Dollar AND the Stock Markets Right Now

This week I have to admit that I’m somewhat pissed off and a little scared too. It has everything to do with what looks like an emerging global financial crisis and a crisis of confidence in the so-called experts too. In fact, I don’t know where to begin — it…
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How To Use the Stock Market Ceasefire To Your Advantage

Last week the two biggest clouds over-hanging the financial markets appear to have been removed … at least temporarily. Those clouds are interest rises (never good for the debt markets) and the China trade war. For interest rates, US Fed Chair Powell indicated last week that, "...we are a lot…

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