Is The British Pound About to Significantly Weaken? Blog Image

Is The British Pound About to Significantly Weaken?

Before I begin, I hope everyone in the United States enjoyed a happy, healthy, and festive Memorial Day weekend in memory of those who sacrifice so we may enjoy the freedoms that we do. Now I’m going to cover several FX pairs today, including a surprising change of stance on…
Slam Dunk Trade

The “Slam Dunk” Trade for a 1000 Pip Move [Revealed]

Before I get into the analysis of individual price charts this week, let me remind you that I have an inherent bias against trading the markets from May through September, especially the FX markets. That’s because there’s often a seasonality where we typically get very range-bound, choppy market behavior from…
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Why We’re on the Cusp of Three Huge Moves [Detailed Breakdown]

I want to begin this week’s Report with a long-term view of the U.S. Dollar Index (USDI) to put things in perspective. Then I’ll move onto why I think we’re at a historic infection point in the U.S. dollar and which currency pair will benefit the most from a move…
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The Gigantic GOLD Opportunity (Is a Big Shock on The Horizon?)

While there’s some ambiguity in several of the biggest asset classes right now, there are some potentially huge opportunities ahead too. I’m going to cover both the non-opportunities and the very promising emerging trades I’m seeing. You’ll understand which is which … and why. Let’s start with the Dow Jones…

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