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An Explosive Stock Market Ahead? Plus Two FX Pairs Worth Trading

As you’re probably aware, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised interest rates by 0.25% last Wednesday which was consistent with market expectations. The Fed also announced its intention to raise rates one more time in 2018 (in December), and three more times in 2019. So while the Fed laid…
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Why I’m Thinking About Shorting Tech Stocks and the NASDAQ

There are some potentially very interesting trades in the US stock market right now. Especially in tech stocks on the NASDAQ. I see a huge emerging opportunity here. So let me get into that now. (I’ll return to my regular forex analysis next week as I feel this opportunity is…
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How We Made 797 Pips (And Counting) From The Pound

Action in GBP (the British pound) has been quite bullish and profitable for us recently. We’re making great profits — especially in my long term favorite pair — and those look set to continue for the next few weeks at least. I’ll cover all that in just a moment. But…
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GBPNZD On The Verge

The British pound against the New Zealand dollar (GBPNZD) was the star performer this week, but there are some interesting candidates shaping up for future trades this week. That’s largely down to the U. S. dollar at the moment. The dollar itself presented a mixed bag with GBP strengthening, AUD…
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The Market Is Always Right: How I Got It Wrong With GBPNZD

The market has a funny way of proving you right … and wrong. Especially when you least expect it. What happened with the GBPNZD (British pound against the New Zealand dollar) pair was a bit embarrassing — but it proved something rather interesting about my analysis and how I use…
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Why I Changed My Mind on GBPNZD After 18 Months

In a moment I’m going to tell you why I reversed my long-standing opinion on the British Pound against the New Zealand dollar (GBPNZD). But first, a market overview on what happened in forex last week so you see everything in context. You see, we’re at or near some key…
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The British Pound’s Ready to Drop … and How To Trade It

It’s a good thing the summer doldrums are almost over. We might very well see another few weeks of sideways action, but things are starting to look interesting for the rest of the year. Especially in the British pound. I’ll discuss the pound in a moment. But first, my thoughts…
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How We Made Money During The Countdown To September

Over the past couple of weeks, I have speculated on two key points: 1) Escalating trade tensions between the US and its major trading counter-parts could add fuel to the fire in the continuing USD rally. 2) The summer doldrums are likely to stifle any meaningful trends, rallies or breakouts…

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