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Dollar Set To Rally While the Stock Market Rotates (Tech Stocks Beware)

As I stated last week, we remain on the precipice of what could be some major changes across all the financial markets. That includes interest rates (the credit market), the dollar, gold, the stock market and so on. Last Thursday, in view of a strengthening labor market, the FOMC reiterated…
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Which Currency Is Going To Soar While These Tech Stocks Plummet?

This week is fraught with uncertainty — and probably high levels of volatility — on all sides. That’s because we’re dealing with not only the US mid-term elections (Tuesday) and an ongoing trade war with China, but also the November 21 deadline to determine the Brexit outcome is looming larger…
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Two Secular Trends To Trade NOW

This could be one of my most important articles in some time. Not only because the period from October to February is the most profitable time of the year — and this year looks to be no exception — but because of the two secular trends I’ve identified as key…
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Where The Next Big FX and Stock Moves Are

This week marked another week of balancing on a knife edge for many instruments in the markets — especially the ones we’re most interested in here at The Pattern Trader. So even though we’re still at some major inflection points for both FX pairs and stocks and their indices, the…
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How to Profit From These Major Market Inflection Points

Wow what a week! There’s been so much happening in the markets recently that it’s hard to know where to begin. But let’s start with the S&P 500, which suffered one of the biggest declines since 2014 with a 3% drop. The key reversal I highlighted in recent articles proved…
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An Explosive Stock Market Ahead? Plus Two FX Pairs Worth Trading

As you’re probably aware, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised interest rates by 0.25% last Wednesday which was consistent with market expectations. The Fed also announced its intention to raise rates one more time in 2018 (in December), and three more times in 2019. So while the Fed laid…
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Why I’m Thinking About Shorting Tech Stocks and the NASDAQ

There are some potentially very interesting trades in the US stock market right now. Especially in tech stocks on the NASDAQ. I see a huge emerging opportunity here. So let me get into that now. (I’ll return to my regular forex analysis next week as I feel this opportunity is…

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