Is Mark Shawzin The Pattern Trader A Scam?

By Mark Shawzin01/29/2018

Recently, it came to my attention that there a few websites that are spouting pure crap about me.

I’m being called a “scam,” a “hustler” and they’re urging people to “avoid me”

My first reaction was to let be and focus on my own stuff – but with more and more of my potential customers questioning some of these websites, I wanted to write a post to personally address some of these claims.

Why’s this happening?

But before we jump into the specific details, I think it’s important that you understand why this is happening.

You see, I’ve found that in any area of life that you accelerate, you’ll have people either trying to jump on your success or try to pull you back.

The more successful you are, the more haters you typically have.

It’s usually jealously – but in this situation, I believe the reason for this “fake hate” is from an unethical marketing perspective.

The reason that that people are talking crap about me on their websites is because it makes them sales.

As soon as the Google searches for ‘The Pattern Trader’ and ‘Mark Shawzin’ increased, these mysterious reviews started popping up.

Due to the amazing work we’re doing and the reputation that we’re building within the industry, my name is getting a lot of Google searches at the moment – these idiots are trying to use my name to lure people to their websites so they can sell their crap.

As soon as the Google searches for ‘The Pattern Trader’ and ‘Mark Shawzin’ increased, these mysterious reviews started popping up.

It’s massively unethical.

The problem is, some of these claims are now starting to impact our business and are stopping people that we can genuinely help from working with us.

It’s time to fight back.

In this post, I want to share the two bullshit websites that I’ve come across and addressed some of their claims.

1. Trading Schools

High on the Google search for my name is a website called

The guy behind this is a chap called Emmett Moore.

Although his “About Me” page claims that he hates “fraud” and tries to come across as the good guy of the industry – it seems he’s quite the opposite.

In fact, a quick Google search of his name and you’ll find the website Ripoff Report.

Here’s what one of the complaints are:

Is this true? I don’t know – but it seems I’m not the first person that he’s spouted lies about for his own personal gain.

But let’s put him to one side and actually look at what he’s said:

What I find interesting about this is that Emmett has never been a client or has never worked with us, but he seems to have a big opinion on me and my services, without having taken a single trade.

Supposedly, I’m a hustler.

Let’s go through some of his points.

  • “Convictions including a $6.3m insider trading scheme” – he’s kind of right – I’ve had one conviction, that I openly speak about on the about page of our website, where I was stabbed in the back by my brother (one of my worst experiences) – full story here.
  • “Acting as an unregistered Investment advisor” – we don’t meet any of the requirements to be registered – this is a laughable comment!
  • “Selling unregistered investment notes” – this doesn’t actually make sense, nor is it true.
  • Operating as an unlicensed and unregistered Forex merchant – we’re not a managed account provider, nor do we act in any investment capacity.

So, out of his huge claims about me.

Only one of them is true, and he’s taken that story from our own website that we openly share.

Great investigation work.

He then claims that I have a list of “complaints and violations” against me but he doesn’t go any further on this point and give any actual facts (do you know why? Because it’s another lie).

His final claim, [I supposedly have a] “a long and sad list of Forex investment schemes spanning many years.

This is complete crap.

We do NOT act in any investment capacity, nor have we ever.

It’s pure made-up bullshit.

I get a combined 1k-2k searches for The Pattern Trader, my name, and other keywords, on a regular basis.

Emmet is taking a lot of that Google traffic.

And that website traffic is being sent to other trading vendors who then pay

Here is one example I pulled from that Rip Off Report.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Here is another complaint against them. You can either go to the link OR read what it says down here.

A guy called Joel posted it:

“Joined based on this review found on Emmett Moore: B12 Trader in-depth review at

Only to find out these scam artists are working together.  Some of the comments reffer to this action like Ron indicating that 20% of the people making up subscribers come directly from emmett moore!

I lost $3500 traiding method and what Emmett Moore Reviwed was completly false. i started trading the stock recommondations which are investments from my retirement and lost money in November 2015, December 2015 and had to give on in January 2016 due to the continued losses.  Highly immoral and complete Scam when the Reviews listed by Emmett Moore are actually Kickbacks to sell trading rooms.”

And it doesn’t stop there.

The further you dig, the more stuff you find out about this website and their extortionate practices.

Here’s one on SeakingAlpha.

Here’s another one on the Christian Financial Review.

There is even a dedicated website called

Now, before I give you a link to over 250 actual client reviews of The Pattern Trader, I have to address the following:

2. ValForex

Another website that ranks highly on Google is on – which ironically have the slogan “scammers don’t like us”

This post had me laughing.

Essentially, it’s just copy and pasted version of what the Trading Schools posted (above) – but the guy behind it, “Warren” has also decided to go through our website and critique it.

To give you a flavor of how ludicrous this article is, here’s one of the lines that he’s written:

“On this website, Mark has a profile picture which features a kid (supposed his child).”

This is the standard of this post.

He’s questioning to whether the picture that I use on my website is actually my own child.

If this guy is sceptical to whether the picture of me and my son is genuine, then what chance has he ever got of actually following my strategies and being a customer?

Zero … because he never has.

He has never purchased anything from us, nor has he even downloaded any of our free information – but he has a big opinion on us.

So, why would “Warren” want to write this post?

Well, a quick look at his website and the answer becomes obvious.

He wants to use my name as a way of getting people to his website, so he can promote his “Top Rated Forex & Mentoring Programs”

Not surprisingly, every website he links to is an affiliate link (which means that he gets paid for every person he sends to their website).

He’s essentially using the great work that we’re doing to get people to his website to sell crap to them.

Tut. Tut.

What’s The Truth?

So, if you’ve read this page – I’m assuming that you’re skeptical about working with us and you’re doing research (which I commend).

Well, I don’t know about you – but I can never make an accurate assessment of an entire company based on one person’s opinion – especially when they have an agenda behind their bad review.

I much prefer to base my opinion on what hundreds of real customers think.

Here’s a link to – this has over 250 real reviews from our real customers.

Judge for yourself.



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