“I Joined A Little Over A Month Ago And I Was Very Skeptical At First…”

Americans spend an average of $223.04 on Lotto tickets, each year.

Yet in reality, the odds of them winning are slim to none.

You’re more likely:

• To flip a fair coin 28 times and get heads every time (one in 268 million).

• For two people to randomly dial the same eight-digit phone number (one in 100 million).

And it's far more likely… To die from a lightning strike (one in 114,000).

Yet every single week, millions of us are happy to “gamble” and spend money on a lotto ticket with the hope that we might get lucky just this one time.

Instead of playing the lottery, wouldn’t you rather feel like these guys (see image below)?
Very few “successful people” work it all out on their own.

The biggest short-cut to becoming a professional at anything is to study someone who knows what they are doing.

Today, I would like to offer you the opportunity to short-cut the years of trading struggles, challenges and headaches, and accelerate your mastery.

So, let me ask you this.

What if, every Sunday, you received a special video that revealed everything I believe is going to happen over the next weeks, and months…

In this video report, I highlight trades that have caught my interest, explain the type of patterns that I’m looking for and share specific trades that I’m personally making.

It’s your way to accelerate your learning and understand my proven trading strategy quickly.

This is called my ‘Pattern Trader Advisory’ 

This is called my  'Pattern Trader Advisory’ 

For 12 months, you will receive a weekly video report every Sunday that shares my detailed market analysis.

You will be able to study this video, see the exact trades that I’m planning on making and understand what’s hot and what’s not, based on my vast experience.

You will receive one of these every single week.

This weekly video report is adored by our members, it does all the “thinking” for them and they get to see me analyzing the markets, first-hand.

Below is a screenshot of the comments below a recent weekly video report:

As you can see, this popular year-long program requires an investment of $200.00 through our website, but for the next few days… you can pay what you believe is fair (more on that below)

And when you break it down over the 52 weekly video reports that you will receive, the $200 is just $3.84 per report.

That’s a weekly Starbucks.
The question is, what’s more important and going to improve your life more? A soy latte with a shot of vanilla or a weekly video report from a vastly experienced trader showing you exactly what to do in the markets.

In 12 months time, what would be more beneficial to you?

1. Thousands of additional calories and an extra few KG’s gained

2. Or, a strong understanding of exactly how to trade whilst being able to act upon specific trades highlighted to you, week-on-week.

Now, I’m sure you can agree, to get a full 12-month access to my ‘Pattern Trader Advisory’ for $200.00 is an unbelievable deal.

I’m sure you’re already skim-reading this as you’re ready to click the button below and sign-up.

But hold your horses, as it gets even better.
Because until [deadlinefunnel type='deadlinetext'] – you can decide what you pay to join the ‘Pattern Trader Advisory’
That’s right.

You can get 12 months’ full access to my weekly video reports for the grand total of “whatever you think it is worth to you”

Let me recap.

Every single week, for the next year:
You will get an in-depth analysis from me about the markets.
You’ll know which currencies, stocks, and commodities I am looking at right now.
You’ll know what direction I believe they are going to go.
And you’ll get this information before I make any moves in the market.
Example 1
On the week ending February 19th, 2019 I made this prediction: QQQ would continue up from 171.94
As of May 13th, the QQQ was sitting at 185.00.
Example 2
On the week ending March 1st, 2019 I made this prediction: GBPNZD would continue up from 1.9417
As of May 13th, GBPNZD was sitting at 1.9784 (300 pips higher).
Example 3
On the week ending March 29th, 2019 I made this prediction: NZDUSD would drop from 0.6805
Under that video I got the following comment:
As of May 13th, NZDUSD was sitting at 0.6575 (230 pips lower).
Example 4
On the week ending April 12th, 2019 I made this prediction: USDJPY would drop from 112.01
As of May 13th, USDJPY was sitting at 109.70 (231 pips lower).
Example 5
On the week ending April 20th, 2019 I made this prediction: Facebook would increase from $178.28
As of May 13th, Facebook was sitting at $188.34 ($10.06 higher).

There are literally people right now who are becoming millionaires from this information. I know, because I recently spoke to one of them.

He’s withdrawing $30,000 from his trading account this week to spend as he wishes.

We have teachers, Doctors, plumbers, carpenters, security guards, mid-level managers, CEOs, dentists, cleaners, and the list goes on.

Now of course… I am not asking you to make a big commitment. All I want you to do is to take a few minutes to sign up to one of my programs at a price you believe is fair

The deadline is [deadlinefunnel type='deadlinetext'], with the next Weekly Video Report landing on Sunday – so you can get stuck in straight away.

You literally have everything to gain and nothing to lose by making a firm decision today to give this a chance.

Best regards,
Mark Shawzin

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