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“The Freedom Traders Playbook: An Ex-Wall Street Traders Guide to Building a Side Income by Generating Two Winning Traders Per Month”

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If you would have asked me the reason that most people decide to get into trading just a few months ago, I would have probably answered … “to be rich”

I had a belief that all traders were aiming to make millions of dollars.

That was until I sent a survey to our current members and subscribers to ask why they traded, what they wanted to achieve and their biggest challenges.

The results shocked me.

A whopping 84% answered that they aim to use their trading successes to pay off debt, cover their mortgage payments or buy their house.

I couldn’t believe it.

So, I Googled what the average mortgage payment in the US is, and found this:

So, to read between the lines – the large majority of traders want to make an additional $1,000 per month, to cover their mortgage payments, therefore giving them freedom from the burdens of debt.

They simply want to add $12,000 per year to their pocket, in exchange for not being glued to a computer, having to obsessively study charts or spend all their free time worrying about stocks.

Well, with this information, I’ve sat down and for the past few weeks, I’ve been frantically writing a brand-new book to share the most in-depth yet simple way to make an additional $1,000 per month from trading.

This isn't like any trading book that you've read before.

I haven’t tried to pad out all of the content to impress the publisher – I get straight to the point and give you a “paint-by-numbers” trading strategy for generating $1,000 per month from trading.

Best of all, it’s easy to read.

With only 90-pages, you can read it in a few hours.

And, you'll immediately understand exactly what you need to do to start growing your account.

I hold nothing back. I go deep into my exact strategies and break them down so they’re simple to understand.

what you'll learn
One simple technique to rapidly spot the 'phase' of a market: Use this forgotten method to instantly know whether a market is going up, down, or is about to turn.
The HUGE misconceptions that you’re probably falling foul of that separate the world’s biggest named traders from the rest (page 9).
The "Lazy Trader's" 5-step execution plan that has pulled in more than 6,108 pips in the last 12 months.
The two nuances that most traders completely miss, these have been responsible for some of my biggest wins (page 17).
How to put risk, reward and momentum in your favour by checking the ‘quality of the bar’. This is something I don’t see anyone doing, yet it is one of the most powerful indications of exploding price moves. (page 29).
The 5 "Historical Precedents" that accurately predict the direction of the market (These happen every single day if you know what to look for).
How to quickly spot a "Key Reversal" that indicates the market is about to reverse: PLUS exactly where you should enter, place your stop loss, and exit the trade.
Trade examples of my five-step execution plan in action, including a EURNZD trade that was a massive 300 pip win (lots more examples starting on page 48)
How to easily identify a "Market Coil". This one astonishing price formation almost always explodes out like a coiled spring - giving you an unprecedented head start with any trade.
My controversial views on trading platforms and why you’ve probably had terrible advice in the past – including my personal recommendation (page 62).
We'll also look at several trade setups together so that you can see first hand how a Wall Street pro picks out winning trades.
Also discover the 2 BIG lies that you've been lead to believe about currency trading... they are THE reason why 95% of traders lose money in the markets.
And much, much more...

The Book That Every “Freedom Trader” Needs

If you want to become a “Freedom Trader” and use trading as a vehicle to pay your monthly obligations/bills, then this book is the best way for you to learn exactly how you can do that.

Based on my 38-years of trading experience, I’ve mapped out the most effective trading strategy to becoming a “Freedom Trader” and generating two winning trades per month.

I’m very proud of this snappy, punchy book – it took some late nights and early mornings to write this for you – but I know that you’ll find it incredibly insightful and practical.

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This is the part where you’re expecting me to tell you that the book is $100.00 … or maybe $50.00.

But in fact, I want to do something unique for a limited time.

I want to offer you the opportunity to “pay what you want” for this book.

You pick how much you think it’s worth.

No amount is too small, no amount is too big.

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The Boldest Guarantee
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As you can see, this book is not aimed at making me money.

If it was, I wouldn’t be offering you to opportunity to “pay what you want”.

This books aim is to show you exactly what you need to do and put our “best foot forward” which might lead you to investing in some of our other programs.

That’s why, if you don’t believe the book is worth what you paid for it – then let us know and you’ll be refunded in a heartbeat (and of course, you can keep the book).

I want to make this opportunity irrefutable for you.

Well, if you’re still reading this, then I don’t believe you have a reason NOT to accept this opportunity.

My brand new book shares the exact method for generating $1,000 per month from trading (that my recent survey suggested that 84% of traders desire)

You can pay what you want for the book, whether you want to pay as little as possible or what you feel is fair

If you don’t believe it’s worth what you paid, then you’ll be immediately refunded upon request (no questions asked)

You obviously want this, or you wouldn’t be wasting your valuable time reading these words in front of you, grab your book and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Best regards,
Mark Shawzin

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