Exclusive Opportunity To Join My Prestigious ‘Pattern Trader Elite’

I’m Looking For a Handful of
Traders To Personally Mentor
Over The Next 12 Months

You’ll Receive My Daily Live Trades, My ’Open Position Management’ Table, Analysis
And Weekly Calls … And Become One of My Exclusive Private Traders


From the desk of
Mark Shawzin

Today, I have a huge opportunity for you.

That’s because, I’d like to offer you an opportunity to apply for my most prestigious program, the high regarded ‘Patter Trader Elite’

This program is highly limited, it’s strictly application only and we’re very fussy about who we work with.

But if you are the right fit, then you’ll become part of a very small group of private traders and be personally mentored by me.

You’ll receive detailed instructions every single day of the exact trades that I’m making and get access to everything that I’ve ever created (both past and present).

But I need to be clear, that this isn’t for everybody.

In fact, it might NOT right for you.

I’m looking to work with very specific traders that want to achieve very specific results.

That’s why we have strict criteria.

Five Reasons Why My ‘Pattern
Trader Elite’ Might NOT Be For You.

1. You Might Not Be Dedicated Enough.

In order to be a member of my ‘Pattern Trader Elite’, you need to commit, work hard and get your hands dirty.

This isn’t some kind of “trade from your laptop on the beach” crap – like any form of wealth building; this requires hard work and dedication to hone a skill.

If you have anything over than complete commitment, then this isn’t right for you.

2. You Probably Can’t Afford It

I’ll be honest with you … this is pretty expensive.

It’s the most costly package that we’ve ever sold.

But, in reality it’s not expensive at all.

Especially when you compare it to the likes of the $30,000 college or university fees, where you get yourself into huge amounts of debt to acquire a skillset that will supposedly makes you “living” working 40 hours a week for the 40 years.

Compared to that, my Pattern Trader Elite is an absolute bargain.

You’ll actually acquire a timeless skillset that will allow you to successfully trade and make long-term consistent profits in the markets.

But to join this premium level of membership, it’s going to cost you a sizable fee … and you may not be able to afford it.

3. You Might Moan Too Much

One thing I hate with a vengeance is moaners and bitchers.

You know, the people that are constantly playing the “victim card” and whinge that nothing goes their way.

I have a moral responsibility to ensure that all my Pattern Trader Elite members grow into self-reliant ultra-smart traders.

If you don’t like taking responsibility for your actions and just want to gripe, then this isn’t for you.

4. You Might Not Be Mentally Tough Enough

Trading requires ironclad balls.

That’s because, you may have to lose money for a while.

No trader in the world can guarantee consistent short-term profits.

It’s just not the case in the trading world … it’s the way Wall Street works.

Over the course of a year, my account is up.

But week-to-week, month-to-month, … it’s up and down.

Sometimes I have a losing streak that can last months, sometimes I have a winning streak that last months – but often it’s a complete unpredictable mix of the two.

Let’s take last year as an example.

Between September 2015 and April 2016, I was up by over 3,000 pips – it was a hot streak.

Then between May and August, I lost 800 pips – I had a losing streak.

You need to be mentally tough enough to power through the losing streaks, because you always know that a win is around the corner.

Many people don’t have this mental toughness and crack as soon as the going gets tough – if that’s you, then that’s fine, but this definitely isn’t right for you.

5. You Might Not Want To Do The Work And Want It To Be Done For You

Look, the aim of our 12 months together isn’t for you to copy every single one of my trades and replicate my results.

The aim is for you to learn the exact methods and techniques that I use when trading, so that you can trade independently.

I want you to be able to make your own trades, apply what you’ve learnt and start growing your account.

Most people want the “Magic Pill” – this is for people that want to learn how to trade from a Wall Street Veteran so they can go into the world and do it themselves.

If you’re not willing to do the work and hone your craft, then this isn’t for you.

How Does My ‘Pattern 

Trader Elite’ Work?

 If you’re still reading this page, than I can only assume that you match the criteria above and are interested to learn how my ‘Pattern Trader Elite’ works.

Well, this is a brand new 12-month program, where you become one of my exclusive top-level traders.

Over the course of a year, I’ll personally mentor you and show you how you can successfully trade indepdently by “piggy backing” my 36 year experience by learning the techniques and strategies that have been responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of profit across my career.

I’ll do this in four ways.

1.Every Day You’ll Get My
Live Trade Emails

Every single day, five days per week – you’ll receive an email that shows you the exact trades that I’m taking BEFORE I execute them.

The email will be broken into four sections.

Firstly, you’ll get a chart image of the market that I’m currently looking at, with my analysis drawn onto it.

Here’s an example of how this will look:

As you can see, this will give you a quick glimpse of the reasons that I have I decided to enter the particularly trade.

Always ensure that you note down the reason WHY I have decided to enter the trade, you’ll find that it will start imprinting in your brain, and that you’ll be able to recognize these setups almost second nature.

Secondly, I’ll give you the exact ENTRY and EXIT rules for the trade.

For example, it will look like this:

Currency Pair: EURNZD
Entry Order: BUY @ Market (1.5305)
Stop loss: 1.5247
Take profit: 1.5557

No guesswork involved, just clear instructions of exactly where to enter, what your Stop Loss is and when to Take Profit.

Thirdly, I’ll tell you how much I’m going to be risking on the trade.

This means that we’ll minimize the risk of any loss and you’ll get to see the style and risk-appetite that I use for each trade, with specific reasoning behind every decision.

The fourth element is my Brief Analysis. 

This is a small bite-sized chunk of information about WHY I am entering the trade.

This allows you to understand the exact reasons that I’ve decided to make a specific trade – you’ll learn what’s caught my eye and how I made my decision-process.

This will become incredibly valuable to you, and will help you identify hot trades with second-nature instincts.

You’ll receive an email with this information Sunday to Thursday, every week.

2. In Every Email I Include an ‘Open
Position Management’ Table.

If any of my trades are still open, I will include a table that will reveal what I am doing to manage those trades.

 Here’s an example:


(This table shows the original EURNZD trade from earlier is up 95 pips. So I moved the stop loss from 1.5247 to 1.5307).

As you can see, it shows you where I am planning to place my Stop Loss, move my Take Profit, and if I’m going to close a Partial Position.

In other words, you’ll never be left in the dark as you watch how a true Wall Street trader manages his positions.

3. You’ll Receive Weekly Market Reports

Every Sunday, you’ll receive a video report that will walk you through the markets that have caught my eye and that I’m planning on trading in over the following seven days.

I’ll show you which are getting my attention, why they’re standing out and my initial thoughts on the entrance & exit points.

This will give you an overall weekly overview of what I have planned over the following week with a clear explanation of how I assess the markets

4. Live Weekly Calls

Every Friday evening, I’ll jump on a live group call with private members where I’ll be personally answering questions, critiquing your trades and advising you on any decisions you’re struggling to make.

This will be your opportunity to speak to me directly, ask your questions and get my personal help.

I make sure I get through all questions on these calls, so if you’re ever unsure or want some highly detailed advice, then this is your opportunity to pick my brains.

As you can see, this is by far the most advanced program that I’ve ever created.

In fact, it would be almost impossible for me to offer anything more personal and informative than this!

You’re essentially getting a Wall Street Veteran showing you exactly how to trade, with a complete behind the curtain look at every move that I make.

You won’t just be able to copy my trades and learn my reasoning behind every decision; but over time, you’ll be able to start identifying your own patterns, so that you can successfully trade independently.

The big goal is to make you a stand-alone pro-trader that can generate profits and grow your account, with a complete understanding of every little detail.

So, What’s The Investment?

I’m not going to beat around the bush.

There’s no special offer or limited time incentive.

This is highly exclusive and truth be told, I’m only looking for a small number of highly dedicated trades.

That’s why, if you want to become a Pattern Trader Elite member, then it’s going to cost you $5,000.

For that, you’ll get a full 12-months where you get access to this premium level of membership, getting everything we’ve discussed.

You’ll be one of my top-level clients and I’ll personally be mentoring you to turn you into an ultra-smart trader.

But I’m also going to include FOUR bonuses.

1. FREE lifetime membership of my Master Pattern Trader.

This means that you’ll get to watch me live in the markets every Friday – as I identify trades, answer questions and show you what I’ve got my eye on … forever.

(If you’re already a Master Pattern Trader member, then we’ll discount whatever you’ve paid up until now).

2. FREE lifetime membership of my Pattern Trader Advisory.

This will allow you to receive my weekly video reports where I walk you through the hot markets and show you trades that I believe are about to surge/crash.

You’ll get a free lifetime subscription, which means that you’ll receive these videos forever.

3. FREE lifetime membership of The Pattern Trader Accelerator

This means that every week, you’ll receive a long-term trade setup that you need to hold for the coming weeks and months.

Ensuring you’re ahead of the curve and have your next big trades planned.

4. A Personal Call With Me [Worth $3,000]

Yes – I’ve never offered this before!

But for everyone who applies and is accepted on my ‘Pattern Trader Elite’ – I’m going to personally jump onto a call to have a 60-minute conversation with you.

We’ll be able to dive into the live markets together, we’ll be able to check out potential trades and you’ll be able to ask me any questions.

Essentially, you’ll be able to tap into my experience and get my advice on an hour-long call.

As you can see, these are FOUR huge bonuses that you’ll receive when you’re accepted onto my Pattern Trader Elite.

But that’s not all.

Because if you’re accepted as a member, then I’m also going to ship you a huge welcome pack.

This will include ALL my trade journals, which will walk you through the process of how I’ve identified trades in the past, and the results in which our trades achieved.

We literally have more than 500 of these for you to consume, which will be packed up and shipped to you.

You’ll also receive our two brand new books, The Naked Trading Plan and Professional Forex Fundamentals.

Trust me, the box is huge.

You might have to buy a new bookshelf!

How To Join ‘Pattern Trader Elite’

If you match the criteria above, like what you hear and want to join
my Pattern Trader Elite, then you need to apply for your place.

Here’s what you need to do:

 Click the big green button below.

 You’ll be directed to an application form that will ask you a selection of questions

 I’ll review your answers and you look like a good fit, then we’ll reach out to you to arrange a call.

 You’ll jump on a call with someone from our team at the scheduled time, where they’ll ask you some more detailed questions to ensure that you’re a good fit for the programme – if all goes well, then they’ll offer you a place.

Alternatively, if you’ve decided that this isn’t right for you, then that’s absolutely fine.

The strict criteria that I walked you through earlier in this letter is vital to ensure that you’re a good fit for the program.

I’m looking for a very specific kind of person, and if that’s not you, then this program isn’t a good fit.

For these reasons, I’m not going to give you the “hard sell” – you already know whether this is right for you or not.

If you want to take your trading skills to the next level, be personally mentored by me and build a timeless skillset that will allow you to independently trade over the next 12 months, then apply to join and we’ll set up your call.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,

Mark Shawzin

P.S – To re-cap what we’ve discussed:

I’m offering you the opportunity to apply my ‘Pattern Trader Elite’

This is where I’ll personally mentor you by sending you the exact trades that I’m planning on making each day with a full explanation of ENTER, RISK and EXIT points with an explanation of my thought-process behind every decision.

You’ll also get weekly video reports, weekly live calls and an updated ‘Open Position Management’ table.

The investment is $5,000 for the 12-month program.

If you want to become an elite client and accelerate your trading skills, then click the button below:

P.P.S - To make your decision even easier, I've created my "Little Black Book of Delighted Traders" 

Simply click the preview below to open this PDF and take a look - it's full of hundreds of reviews and testimonials from the past several years.

If this doesn't convince you that this is the greatest opportunity to land in front of you - then I don't know what will.