Why This Is The Most “Opportunity-Rich” Trading Weeks in a Very Long Time

By Mark Shawzin02/05/2020

While some FX pairs remain range-bound in the current market, there are now some very promising patterns emerging that could be quite profitable.

The U.S. dollar itself isn’t one of them … yet.

That’s because the U.S. Dollar Index (USDI) remains tricky to judge. The dollar is getting stronger against certain currencies and weaker against others. And it’s why we’ve seen a log jam in USDI over the past couple of years despite the long-term uptrend.

Even so, right now USDI is at a major inflection point. Last week there was a bearish key reversal, which I’m taking seriously because they can set the stage for both small and large selloffs. And this one was at a major resistance area.

There’s no action to take yet, but I think USDI price action over the next few weeks is going to tell us a lot about its long-term direction.

However, other currencies are beginning to show strength or weakness against the range-bound dollar.

In this week’s session (recorded 02/02/2020 – I walked through the live markets as we’re entering one of the most opportunity-rich boards I’ve seen in a long time.

If you know where to look and what to do, then this week could be the catalyst for majorly growing your trading account throughout 2020.

I cover:

  • The exact reason that I NEVER trade based on the news (and why my Brexit prediction went against what all the “experts” said would happen)
  • What I spotted on the GBPNZD that indicated that a huge rally was on the horizon and how our members were able to “cash in” on this as everybody was expecting it to nose-dive
  • The currency pair that I predict is about to “soar a lot higher” and why now is the perfect timing
  • Last week’s key reversal on the USD and what it means through this “major resistance area”
  • Why there’s going to be a major turnaround on this key currency pair (with a breakdown of the exact pattern that I’ve identified and the time-frame of how imminently this will happen)
  • The long-term trade that I encourage you to get involved in right now (probably the biggest opportunity on the board right now)
  • What multi-year lows on the USDAUD mean and my prediction for the future of the Australian Dollar (look away now Aussies!)
  • What precious metal is going to swiftly change in direction and why I believe the window to be part of this is VERY small

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