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How To Spot High Probability Trade Setups

Wednesday, February 21st, 3 pm EST

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Wednesday, February 21st, 3 pm EST



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In This Free Masterclass You’ll learn:

  • How to identify Monster moves, before they happen

  • How to analyze a price chart like a pro for any market

  • The confirmation price action that precedes all big moves

  • One psychological edge every great trader possesses

  • And much more!

    If you want to attend something that's impossible to fake, manipulate, or "fudge" in any way, then join me live, as I execute these strategies in front of your eyes. If you can't make it you will get the replays.

Mark Shawzin, The Pattern Trader

Accelerate Your Trading Success

Join 40-year trading expert Mark Shawzin, The Pattern Trader in this FREE online masterclass, as he reveals his proven, and easy-to-understand, FOUR-step trading methodology, for spotting low risk: high probability trades, guaranteed to make you a consistently profitable trader.

If you are struggling with your entry timing, or lack confidence in executing high probability trades, this class is for you.

Mark will show you how to trade like the pros – with confidence, discipline, and patience.

Start trading now with an Unfair Trading Advantage.

By spotting only the best opportunities, you'll learn to:

  • Boost win rates and earn bigger returns

  • Greatly reduce the risk and stress per trade

  • Build consistency to grow your account over time

The key is focusing only on high-probability Trade setups

Stop playing the low-percentage game and start trading high-quality setups that set you up for success.

In this masterclass, Mark Shawzin will show you the way.

Stop leaving it to chance. Mark’s four-step trading method puts the odds of picking winning trades finally in your favor.

Reserve your seat in Mark Shawzin’s: How To Identify Highly Profitable Trade Setups Masterclass now!

What Our Members Are Saying...

“What an Amazing Trader you are Mark. I have grown so much since I joined you and my account has also grown with it, from £8,000 in 2020 to a staggering £98,000. Every session we have is an incredible experience, the Tactical Trading Room absolutely Rocks. Always learning. Your quality teaching, guidance is absolutely amazing and cannot be matched anywhere”

Mustafa Abulhawa

“As my Mentor, You have single-handlely enhanced my trading acumen to the ability to just look at a chart without any indicators and suggest and/ or Plan strategically enter a trade. Price is the only thing that matters. Ignore the news and any other distractions such as analyst's recommendations, etc. The Pattern Trader is a work of genius by Mark Shawzin and I would like to thank him personally here!!! Check him not; you will not regret it!!”

Dr. Sean Buckingham

“Mark, founder of The Pattern Trader has always been upfront, honest and straight-forward in his teaching and courses. I have learned an amazing amount following his methodologies and teachings since 2016. Could not recommend The Pattern Trader enough! Thanks Mark!”

G Johnsen

“I’ve Followed a lot of Forex “Gurus” Before I discovered Mark. Blown Numerous Accounts trying to figure the market out. Spent 5k on one of the best educations I’ll ever receive. Mark truly teaches you how to fish. I can’t express how Grateful I am to be a member of this life changing community. Laughing all the way to the Bank Thanks to Mark!”


“I spent nine years trading the market unsuccessfully. This was due to the misinformation from self-proclaimed "online trading gurus.” Mark Shawzin’s straightforward approach to the market really resonated with me from the start. I am thankful he shares his years of market expertise with folks online. I can now say that I am a profitable trader because of Mr. Shawzin's method! :)”

Brent Hall

“Mark Shawzin thank you very much for your simplicity and clear explanation towards chart Patterns or price actions, this is a game changer to my trading skill. I really appreciate your amazing skill and experience which you even gave to me freely without any stress, very unique from other traders I have came across in my trade learning experience. This is called matured/generous mindset that deeply desires to seeing the success of others around you. Richard Chukwudi UK”

Richard Chuks

Who Should Attend?

Beginners seeking a solid start in the trading world.

Experienced traders looking to enhance their skills.

Anyone who wants to make trading a reliable source of income.

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Limited Seats Available

When: Wednesday, February 21st, @ 3 pm EST

Where: Online - Join from Anywhere!

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Tired of second-guessing your trades?

Fed up with losing money while other traders bank massive profits? You don't have to struggle any longer...

As a trader, your ultimate goal is consistent profitability. However, not all trades are created equal – some have higher probabilities of success than others.

Join Mark Shawzin on Wednesday, February 21st, at 3 pm EST, to learn how to identify trades that offer maximum profit potential. You’ll learn how to be more selective in your trade selection process and gain confidence in the trades you take.

One of the key benefits of spotting high-probability trade setups is being able to identify entry and exit points with greater accuracy.

By understanding the elements that make up a high-probability trade setup, you’ll be able to make more informed trading decisions and improve your overall success rate.

Join master trader Mark Shawzin’s FREE online masterclass and learn his proven four-step trading process for identifying only the highest probability trades poised to explode.

In this informative workshop, Mark will provide valuable insights by unveiling:

  • The four steps to get you closer to a high-probability set-up

  • How to capitalize on Monster moves, and avoid the traps

  • How to read charts in Stocks, Currencies, Gold...any asset

  • And the #1 mental shift to become a trading machine

Think about it...

  • How would even just a 10% improvement in your trade targeting transform your bottom line?

  • Imagine having the confidence to consistently make profitable trades and grow your wealth through trading.

  • What if you could consistently identify high-probability trades and minimize your losses?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the top traders in the industry

Mark Shawzin has over 40 years of experience in trading, and has developed a proven trading methodology and approach, that has transformed thousands of traders lives and trading success.

By attending this masterclass, you will gain valuable insights into the mindset and strategies of a successful trader.

You will learn how to assess the risk before entering a trade, how to analyze market trends, and how to develop the right mindset crucial for success.

No more leaving things to chance. Mark’s four-step trading methodology takes you closer-and-closer to the Bull's-eye of a low risk:high reward trade set-up, and puts the odds of picking winning trades in your favor.

Reserve your seat in Mark Shawzin’s; How To Identify Profitable Trade Setups Masterclass now before they run out!

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Secure Your Spot Now!

Limited Seats Available

When: Wednesday, February 21st, 3 pm EST

Where: Online - Join from Anywhere!

Join us and unlock the potential for consistent, profitable trading.

Your journey to trading success starts here!

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