21 Forex Power Strategies By Former Merrill Lynch Trader

Hi, I'm Mark Shawzin. After working on Wall Street as a trader for 23 years, and managing private client accounts for the past 13 years, I've put together my 21 most powerful Forex strategies.

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Golds Losing Its Glitter

Let’s start off this week by looking at the pair I feel offers the most opportunity going into next week: gold! In this chart I'm looking at XAUUSD (spot gold):…
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Dollar Weakness Ahead: How To Play It

Let’s cut to the chase and say the dollar has been weakening over the last couple of weeks. What’s more, it’s likely to keep weakening over the next days, weeks,…
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Is Mark Shawzin a Scam? VALForex Debunked.

I hate it when this happens, but it’s a sad fact of life when you’re a success on the Internet. Someone called James (I’ll block out his last name) posted…

21 Forex Power Strategies by Former Merrill Lynch Trader

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